dan brockway — pastoR

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Growing up, my relationship with religion was complicated. My mom served in ministry for over twenty years but the rest of our family wasn't very religious, which means that I grew up both inside and outside of the church. This left me with a deeply-rooted faith in God, an even more deeply-rooted understanding that not everyone shares that faith, and a heart for those who have been hurt by (or otherwise excluded from) the church.

Prior to my call to ministry, I worked in radio and taught drum lessons professionally for four years. I was licensed as a pastor in 2011, ordained in 2014, and have served as a youth pastor, college pastor, and seminary professor. Brockport First Baptist called me to be their pastor in February 2018 and this is my first time as the lead pastor—which means I make a lot of mistakes, but always manage to keep things interesting!

• B.S. in Electronic Media and Music - Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
• Master of Divinity - Biblical Theological Seminary (Hatfield, PA)
• Ph.D. in Theology - Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA)

Favorite Movies
Back to the Future, American History X, The Dark Knight, Office Space, The Wedding Singer

Favorite Quote
"Worship of God without justice to man is an abomination."
- Abraham Joshua Heschel


Kim Emanuel - MUSIC Director


I have served in music ministry in many Christian denominations, as an organist and choir director.  I enjoy working with choirs on a variety of music styles and collaborating together to enhance the worship experience for the congregation through music.

Prior to working at First Baptist, I also taught music in public schools, and particularly enjoyed working with youth as they learn to play instruments together in a band.  It is rewarding to see the skill progression from their hard work and their enthusiasm.   While I miss my band kids, I now enjoy working with the choirs at First Baptist where there is also a high degree of enthusiasm and rewards as we learn challenging pieces with interesting rhythms and melodies that express an important Christian message.

• B.A. Computer and Information Sciences, SUNY Potsdam
• M.S. Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology
• M.A. Music Education, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

Favorite Movie
Apollo 13 – I am continually amazed at the miracle of the safe return of those astronauts

Favorite Quote
"Proceed as if success is inevitable."