Brockport First Baptist is a welcoming and affirming congregation. This means that all people are welcome to visit, join, serve, and lead in our church, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. 

It is (unfortunately) not common to see the words baptist and lgbt+ affirming used in the same sentence, but we are working to change that! For far too long, the Bible has been twisted to marginalize LGBT+ people. At Brockport First Baptist, we refuse to conform to a culture of hate and bigotry that creates spiritual insiders and outsiders. We believe that the gospel should be good news to all people. In fact, it is specifically because of our faithfulness to Scripture and desire to follow Jesus that we strive to be a safe and welcoming place where everyone is invited into the family of God. 

Thankfully, we are not alone in this quest. Our church is proudly affiliated with the Rochester Genesee Region of the American Baptist Churches USA, which counts a number of like-minded welcoming and affirming congregations in its ranks. We are also part of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (AWAB), a nationwide organization of LGBT+ affirming churches from a variety of Baptist denominations that are dedicated to advancing the radical welcome and love of God in Jesus Christ. 

If you're looking for a church that will accept you as you are and partner with you on your journey of faith, we hope you'll consider visiting our congregation.