First Wednesday of every Month (AND Some weekends)

Once or twice a month, the Fellowship Hall of Brockport First Baptist is transformed into a space of quiet meditation and prayer. Our labyrinth is an opportunity to encounter the divine in a new way in a calm and welcoming environment. Walk the labyrinth at your own pace, then feel free to join us in the adjacent Parlor for meditative coloring and friendly conversation. Occasionally we even have live music! Make a new friend or keep to yourself — whatever you prefer.

Our labyrinth is an original design, called the “Circle of Peace.” Designed by Paths of Peace, the design invites all people to find peace and rest in a state of meditative awareness. The labyrinth is open to people of all ages and faith traditions (or no faith at all). All are welcome!

Here are some tips for walking the peace labyrinth:

  • Before you enter, spend a few moments sitting quietly at the periphery, allowing yourself to become still and attentive.

  • Once you are ready, step onto the canvas and enter the path. Many people pause before their first step and offer a prayer of intention.

  • You may walk as slowly or a quickly as is natural for you. Feel free to pause at any time, and especially as you reach the turns in the path.

  • If others are on the path with you, feel free to step off the path and go around them or let them step around you. Sometimes you will meet someone going in the opposite direction. Again, walk around one another. You may acknowledge each other with a smile or a touch as you pass, or maintain your inward focus by refraining from eye contact.

  • Time spent in the center of the labyrinth has been described as a time of seeking awareness of God’s presence, healing, and clarity. It also can be a space of self-offering.

  • As you are ready, begin to retrace your steps on the outward path, carrying with you any insights or blessings you have received.

For more information about this ancient tradition, click here. Contact our labyrinth coordinator, Sandy Bordeau with any questions: Please put “Brockport Baptist Labyrinth” in the subject line.