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July and August Forecaster                                 

Dear Friends:

Recently I participated in a meeting of a “working team” of our Region of American Baptist Churches.  In our discussion, one long-term member of one of our sister churches, asked the question, “What does it mean to be American Baptist?  What is distinctive about our American Baptist Churches?  Why would a congregation want to be a part of the Region of Rochester Genesee connection of churches? “

In our times, and now especially as this congregation searches for a new pastor, what does it mean to us to be an American Baptist Church?  How are we connected to other American Baptist Churches in our Region?  What makes us connected besides our giving money to United Mission?  Besides our offerings how do we support our International and Home Missions?  

During this summer, I invite you to reflect on what this means to you?   Some questions to consider: 

  • Why am I a member of an American Baptist Church? 
  • How important are these connections? 
  • How do I live out these values?
  • How do I receive information about this Region of ABC, this national denomination, ABC around the world? 
  • Do I invest energy and time in this learning/sharing/connecting?
  • Who is the new National Executive Minister, just recently appointed to the ABCUSA? 
  • How would I like to learn more about the ABCUSA, or ABCRGR?  In worship? Through articles?  Having speakers come to First Brockport?

After your reflections, I hope you will share these thoughts and your answers, with: each other; our Church Council; your delegates to the Region, Laurie Gurnett and Kathy Speer; your friends; with me.  I hope you will subscribe to the weekly email newsletter from RGR if you don’t already.  I hope you will check out the Region’s website and the website for ABCUSA.  Let’s keep this conversation going.


Joanne, Your Pastor


The upcoming Gathering Table dinners include July 16 and August 20.  The Outreach Team would like to ask the congregation for their help for both dinners.  Watch for a sign-up sheet on the Outreach bulletin board to indicate where you can help provide the dinners for the community.


Back by popular demand will be our annual bake sale, held during the Brockport Summer Arts Festival. The bake sale will be held on Saturday, August 12, 10am-2pm on the church lawn. Get out your aprons and your favorite recipes! We will be asking for your delicious baked goods again! Contact any member of the Outreach Team for additional information.


This month the top three items are TUNA, CEREAL, and all varieties of PASTA. 

Your monetary donations are also very helpful because we purchase perishables (cheese, eggs, yogurt, produce) each week plus any other basic food items that we need.


The following church members are scheduled for the following Sundays in July & August:

July 16 & 23 - Team A: Ann Hazen, Larry Carter, Bud & Cindy Lage.

July 30 & Aug. 6- Team B: Joani Martin, Laurie Gurnett, Chalres McCullough, Barbara Sherwood.

Aug. 13 & 20 - Team C: Spielman Family.

Aug. 27 - Team D: Alan Way, Betty LaManna, John & Ivy DeVault.

Contact Gordon Bemis (July, 637-4811) or Larry Carter (August, 637-4811) if you cannot usher on your assigned Sunday.


The rummage sale this year will be held on Fri., Sept. 8 and Sat., Sept. 9. We are now accepting items (in GOOD CONDITION) for the sale. Large items can be placed towards the back of the stage in Shannon Hall and smaller items, boxes/bins, etc. should be taken downstairs to the first room on the right at the bottom of the stairs. Mark your calendars for these dates and the week ahead if you’re able to help! Contact Robin Donahue for further information.

NOTE: We will not be accepting books, clothing/shoes, or electronics.


We are collecting WAL-MART GIFT CARDS for our Brockport students who need supplies for the upcoming school year. We will be collecting through the first week of August. If you can help, please give the gift cards to Karen and Dick Avery or Mary Way. You can put them in the Benevolence Treasurer's Mailbox too. If you prefer to give money or a check (payable to the First Baptist Church), please drop it in a envelope in the offering plate designated school supplies and we can purchase the gift cards. Thank you for you continued support benefiting our students.

July/August    Birthdays & Anniversaries

7/3     Angela Way                   7/21   Dan Scheg
          Kate Carter                            Jaime Albro

7/9     Nancy Bagoly               7/22   Gwendolyn Irish

          Sara Harner                 7/27   David Knapp

7/16   Dick Avery          

7/19   Jacob Smith

                            7/18   Harry and Gretchen Beaver

8/1     John Pruss                    

8/3     Emma Jarman                8/23   Betty Bemis

8/4     Rosemary Smith            8/24   Dick Carter

          Ivy DeVault                    8/25   Curt Raleigh

8/6     Kayla Gilliam                 8/28   Kathy Speer

8/8     Sandy Bordeau                        Bea DeRuyscher

          Alana Bordeau Irish                Timothy Chapman (missionaries' son)

8/9     Sarah Harner                          

8/14    Larry Carter                  8/29   Laurie Gurnett

8/16   Bruce Spielman                      Linda Sanford

           Richard Irish                 8/30  Danielle Kruger


                      8/04   Brandon and Donna Lucy Broughton

                      8/15   Ron and Linda Prince

                      8/19   Alan and Mary Way

                               Harold and Barb Rager

                      8/25   Gordon and Betty Bemis

                      8/26   Craig and Ann Howell

                      8/31   Dick and Sue Carter


The following is the operating income for the period 5/28 through 6/25/2017.  Roof Fund offering is not included here.

       5/28                $ 1,488.75

        6/4                 $ 5,710.00

       6/11                $ 2,023.00

       6/18               $ 1,265.00

       6/25                $ 1,436.00

       Total               $ 11,922.75

   Average weekly giving   $ 2,385  

  Required to meet budget  $ 2,607

            Janice M. Womble, Treasurer


A reminder that we’re having a BABIES SHOWER for Ashley Rush on Sunday, July 23, 2pm in Shannon Hall. Ashley and Adam are registered at Babies R Us, Target and Kohl’s. If you’d like to contribute towards a car seat(s), please see Joani Martin. This will be a “display shower” so please bring your gifts unwrapped (but don’t forget a card or tag!). Also, bring a pack of diapers (preferably Pampers or Huggies) and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a prize. A light lunch will be served. Please sign up on the Outreach board if you plan to attend!